About Us

All praise is due to Allah, Lord of all creation, and may the Salat and Salam be upon the final Messenger - sent before the Hour as a mercy to the creation.

By the Grace of Allah, this website was designed to enlighten the reader, not only of all aspects of Islam, but of the scholars who contributed to its service, and the various works they authored. You will only find artilces on this site by the true scholars of Islam; the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah and their students, starting as far back as the first three generations of Muslims; the righteous Salaf, to the scholars of today.

To take full benefit from the site, after reading an article of interest, click on the author link and get to know about the scholar who authored it, at least read his information card. You can learn more by reading his biography and looking at what other books he authored, who he studied under, who his students were, his official website and other related information.

The scholars page lists all scholars who have articles on the site. Scholars can be sorted by the date they passed away; which will give you a general idea of the time period each of them of them lived in, which of them came before the other, and who inherited the knowledge the Messenger - صلى الله عليه وسلم - left behind from who. They can also be sorted by name, lineage and Kunya for easy access.

You can also read about the reference used for an article by clicking the references link, you may find that the reference covers other topics that you may be intrested in. By reading about references you may also be looking for certain information in the future and would know which book to find it in and which scholars wrote about that particular topic.

References can be downloaded in Arabic in mainly two formats; The first is used with a program called 'al-Maktabah ash-Shaamilah' that can be downloaded at their website http://shamela.ws/. They have amassed a huge number of books in a .bok format that can be used with this program. The advantage of the program is that it is searchable, which makes it easy to access specific information quickly. A disadvantage is that there are some typing errors which may throw off your search - for one. Please keep the copyrights of each book in mind when using this program. If the book has a copyright against being distributed freely, please fear Allah concerning other people's rights, especially the people of knowledge, and do not use the book in question with the program, please notify the site admin if any such books are linked within the site .

The second format are pdf files that can be downloaded from waqfeya.com. The advantage of such a file is that it is the exact copy of the book, so there is no room for typos or other related errors. The disadvantage would be that they are not searchable, so searching for specific information within them could take some time, this however is actually an advantage as the reader would be increasing in knowledge in other areas while searching for the topic of interest. The same copyright infringement also applies here.

Audio references on the site can also be downloaded for a program similar to 'al Maktabah-ash Shaamilah' but for audio files instead of books, it is also searchable to some degree. It is called 'Maktabat Ahlul Hadeeth wal Athar' and can be found at their website from alathar.net.

Other references are available as standalone programs or online books and audio files from their official sources when available.

Please do not hesitate to contact the site for any errors, suggestions or criticism.

Again all praise and gratitude is due to Allah alone; in beginning, in perfecting, in continuing and in completing. Allah is the granter of success and may the Salaat and Salaam be upon the final Messenger.