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I Entered the Hellfire because of Three

It was narrated that one of the students of al Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad was close to passing away, so al Fudayl entered upon him, he sat by his head and started reading Surat Yaaseen.

His student said: “My teacher, do not read it.”

So he remained silent. He then tried to get him to say the Shahaadah, he said: “Say Laa Ilaaha ila Allaah.”

He said: “I will not say it because I am free from it.” He died upon that.

Al Fudayl returned to his house, he cried for forty days, not leaving his home. He saw his student in a dream being dragged into the Hell fire, he said to him; “With what did Allaah remove the know-how from you, while you were amongst my most knowledgeable students?”

He responded: “With three things;

  • The first: Nameemah.
  • The second: Jealousy.
  • The third: I had an illness, so I went to a doctor and asked him about it. He told me that I must drink a cup of alcohol once a year, if I do not the illness would remain with me, so I used to drink it.”

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    دخلت النار بثلاث

    وقد حكي أن تلميذا لفضيل بن عياض حضرته الوفاة , فدخل عليه الفضيل , وجلس عند رأسه وقرأ سورة " يسن " , فقال يا أستاذي : لا تقرأ هذه. فسكت , ثم لقنه فقال : قل لا إله إلا الله

    فقال : لا أقولها لأني بريء منها , ومات على ذلك

    فدخل الفضيل منزله , وجعل يبكي أربعين يوما لم يخرج من البيت , ثم رآه في النوم , وهو يسحب به إلى جهنم فقال له : بأي شيء نزع الله المعرفة عنك , وكنت أعلم تلاميذي

    قال : بثلاثة أشياء

    أولها : النميمة

    والثاني : الحسد

    والثالث كان لي علة فجئت الى طبيب فسألته عنها , فقال : تشرب في كل سنة قدحا من خمر , فإن لم تفعل تبقى بك العلة , فكنت أشربها.

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