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Why They are more Stray than Animals

{ Or do you think that most of them hear or understand? They are only like cattle – nay, they are even farther astray from the Path (i.e. even worse than cattle). } [Al Furqaan: 44]

The reason behind them being more ignorant than domestic animals is because the domestic animal is guided by its owner, it follows the path he leads it to without swaying either right or left.

However the majority of mankind are called [to guidance] by the messengers, they guide them to the right path [telling them] there in nothing like associating a partner with Allaah, yet they do not respond and do not follow guidance. They do not differentiate between what benefits and what harms them, while domestic animals differentiate between which plants harm them and which paths harm them and avoid them, they recognize what benefits them and pursue it.

Additionally, Allaah the Elevated did not give animals an intellect to think with, or tongues to speak with, He gave that to mankind and yet they do not benefit from what they were given; an intellect, hearts, speech, hearing, eyesight – they are more astray than domestic animals because whoever is not guided to the correct path after the evidence has been made clear to him is more astray and in a worse condition that those who do not find guidance due to the lack of evidence.

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أضل سبيلا من الأنعام

أم تحسب أن أكثرهم يسمعون أو يعقلون إن هم إلا كالأنعام بل هم أضل سبيلا
وجعل الأكثرين أضل سبيلا من الأنعام لأن البهيمة يهديها سائقها فتهتدي وتتبع الطريق فلا تحيد عنها يمينا ولا شمالا والأكثرون يدعونهم الرسل ويهدونهم السبيل فلا مثل الشرك بالله يستجيبون ولا يهتدون ولا يفرقون بين ما يضرهم وبين ما ينفعهم والأنعام تفرق بين ما يضرها من النبات والطريق فتجتنبه وما ينفعها فتؤثره

والله تعالى لم يخلق للأنعام قلوبا تعقل بها ولا ألسنة تنطق بها وأعطى ذلك لهؤلاء ثم لم ينتفعوا بما جعل لهم من العقول والقلوب والألسنة والأسماع والأبصار فهم أضل من البهائم فإن من لا يهتدي إلى الرشد وإلى الطريق مع الدليل له أضل وأسوأ حالا ممن لا يهتدي حيث لا دليل معه

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