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Which Person was Most Beneficial to his Brother

Ibn Abee Haatim stated:

‘It was narrated on the authority of ibn an Numayr who said: Abu Usaamah narrated to us on the authority of Hishaam ibn ‘Urwah, on the authority of his father, on the authority of ‘Aa-ishah when she was performing ‘Umrah; she was amongst some of the ‘Araab when she heard a man saying:

“Which man was the most beneficial to his brother in the life of this world?”

The people responded: “We don’t know.”

He said: “By Allaah, I know!”

I [‘Aa-ishah] said: “I said to myself: He has made an oath without exceptions, indeed he must know which person was the most beneficial to his brother in the life of this world.”

He said: “It was Musa when he asked Allaah to make his brother a prophet.” [1]

I [‘Aa-ishah] said: “By Allaah he spoke the truth.”

I say [Ibn Abee Haatim]: Concerning this, Allaah the Elevated stated in praise of Musa, ‘Alayhi as Salaam:

{ and he was honourable before Allaah } [Al Ahzaab: 69]

[1] Musa said:{And appoint for me a helper from my family, Haaroon, my brother. } [Taha: 28-29]

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أيّ أخ كان في الدنيا أنفع لأخيه

وقال ابن أبي حاتم: ذكر عن ابن نُمَير، حدثنا أبو أسامة، عن هشام بن عروة عن أبيه، عن عائشة أنها خرجت فيما كانت تعتمر، فنزلت ببعض الأعراب، فسمعت رجلا يقول: أيّ أخ كان في الدنيا أنفع لأخيه؟ قالوا: ما ندري.

قال: والله أنا أدري

قالت: فقلت في نفسي: في حلفه لا يستثنى، إنه ليعلم أي أخ كان في الدنيا أنفع لأخيه.

قال: موسى حين سأل لأخيه النبوة

فقلت: صدق والله.

قلت: وفي هذا قال الله تعالى في الثناء على موسى، عليه السلام

وَكَانَ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ وَجِيهًا - الأحزاب: 69

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