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Worshippers of the Cross

How can it not be expected; for a people who believed that their lord and god was crucified, then turned to the cross, worshiped and glorified it, when what they should have done was burn every cross they were able to, and degrade it to the greatest extent as their god was crucified upon it; the one whom they sometimes say is Allaah (God), and sometimes say he is His son, and sometimes say he is the third of three. They denied the right of their Creator and disbelieved in Him in the greatest of ways, they vilified him with the worst of vilification, so how can it not be expected of them to deny the right of his servant and Messenger and disbelieve in him.

How can it not be expected of a people who claim that the Lord of the Heavens and Earth descended from the Heavens to speak to His creation in person so that they may not have any excuses. [That] He wanted to cut off their excuses by speaking to them in person so that there would be no justification for those who were neglectful of their covenant after He had spoken to them personally. So He physically descended from the Heavens, materialized in the flesh in Maryam’s stomach, and was carried/covered by her. So he is created by way of the flesh and he is the creator spiritually, he is the one who created his body and created his mother. His mother was an Nasoot [1]before him and he was al Lahoot [2] before her, the full god and the full human.

And from His complete mercy upon His servants, Glorified and Exalted be He, He accepted his blood to be spilt for them upon a wooden cross. He allowed his enemies the Jews to overcome him so that his wrath over them may be complete. So they took him, crucified him, slapped and spit on his face. They crowned him with a crown of thorns and his blood dried up on his fingers because if a drop of it fell to the earth, everything upon it would have dried up, and so he remained in this state on the cross.

Since it is not from Allaah’s divine wisdom to take revenge from a sinner who transgressed or belittled His status, in order to raise the status of the Lord and make lowly the status of the servant, the Glorified wanted to bring about justice through the person who is a god like Him, so He brought about justice concerning the sin of Adam by crucifying ‘Eesa, the christ, who is an equal to him in Lordship. So He crucified the son of God who is also God at 9:00 on a Friday. This is what is written in their books!!?

So a people who turned to this belief about their God?! Then how can it not be expected of them to say that the servant and Messenger of Allaah is a magician, a mad man or a tyrant king and so on?

The point is that those who chose these statements about the Lord of the worlds, with his Eminence, Glorification and other attributes that befit Him, they are the ones who chose to disbelieve in his servant and Messenger and denied his Prophet-hood. The ones who chose to worship pictures that they drew with their own hands on walls adorned with red, yellow and blue. If a dog were to come close to such pictures it would urinate on them, but they gave them the utmost reverence, submission and humbleness, and cried to them supplicating to them for forgiveness, mercy, provision and victory. These are the people who chose to belie the seal of the prophets instead of believing in and following him.

[1] The human side of ‘Eesa as they claim.

[2] The divine side of ‘Eesa as they claim.

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عباد الصليب

وكيف يثكر لأمة أطبقت على صلب معبودها وإلاهها ثم عمدت إلى الصليب فعبدته وعظمته، وكان ينبغي لها أن تحرق كل صليب تقدر على إحراقه، وأن تهينه غاية الإهانة إذ صلب عليه إلاهها الذي يقولون تارة: إنه الله، وتارة يقولون إنه ابنه، وتارة يقولون ثالث ثلاثة، فجحدت حق خالقها وكفرت به أعظم كفر وسبته أقبح مسبة أن تجحد حق عبده ورسوله وتكفر به وكيف يكثر على أمة قالت في رب الأرض والسموات إنه ينزل من السماء ليكلم الخلق بذاته لئلا يكون لهم حجة عليه، فأراد أن يقطع حجتهم بتكليمه لهم بذاته لترتفع المعاذير عمن ضيع عهده بعد ما كلمه بذاته، فهبط بذاته من السماء، والتحم في بطن مريم، فأخذ منها حجابا، وهو مخلوق من طريق الجسم، وخالق من طريق النفس، وهو الذي خلق جسمه وخلق أمه، وأمه كانت من قبله بالناسوت، وهو كان من قبلها باللاهوت، وهو الإله التام، والإنسان التام ومن تمام رحمته تبارك وتعالى على عباده إنه رضي بأراقة دمه عنهم على خشبة الصليب، فمكن أعداءه اليهود من نفسه ليتم سخطه عليهم، فأخذوه وصلبوه وصفعوه وبصقوا في وجهه، وتوجوه بتاج من الشوك على رأسه، وغار دمه في أصبعه لأنه لو وقع منه شيء إلى الأرض ليبس كلما كان على وجهها، فثبت في موضع صلبه النوار، ولما لم يكن في الحكمة الأزلية أن ينتقم الله من عبده العاصي الذي ظلمه أو استهان بقدره لاعتلاء منزلة الرب وسقوط منزلة العبد أراد سبحانه أن ينتصف من ا لإنسان الذي هو إله مثله، فانتصف من خطيئة آدم بصلب عيسى المسيح الذي هو غله مساو له في الإلهية، فصلب ابن الله الذي هو الله في الساعة التاسعة من يوم الجمعة هذه ألفاظهم في كتبهم!! فأمة أطبقت على هذا في معبودها؟!! كيف يكثر عليها أن تقول في عبده ورسوله أنه ساحر وكاذب وملك مسلط ونحو هذا؟!!.

... والمقصود أن الذين اختاروا هذه المقالة في رب العالمين على تعظيمه وتنزيهه وإجلاله ووصفه بما يليق به، هم الذين اختاروا الكفر بعبده ورسوله وجحد نبوته، والذين اختاروا عبادة صور خطوها بأيديهم، في الحيطان مزوقة بالأحمر والأصفر والأزرق لو دنت منها الكلاب لبالت عليها فاعطوها غاية الخضوع والذل والخشوع والبكاء وسألوها المغفرة والرحمة والرزق والنصر هم، الذين اختاروا التكذيب بخاتم الرسل على الإيمان به وتصديقه واتباعه

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