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Had thier been Other Creators

Allah the Elevated said:

{ Allah has not taken any son, nor has there ever been any other deity with Him. [If there had been other deities], then each deity would have taken what it created, and they would have sought to overcome each other. Exalted is Allah above what they describe [concerning Him]. } [Al-Mu-minoon: 91]

If we say that the world had two creators, then each creator would want to take what he created and be independent, as is the case with kings, he would not accept to share it with anyone. If he is independent, then he would want something else; that he is sovereign over it having no partners with him in that. So if both of them want to be sovereign, it is either that they would not be able to overcome each other, or one would overcome and be sovereign over the other.

If one of them becomes sovereign over the other, Lordship would be established for him [i.e. he would be the one true Lord].

If neither of them are able to overcome each other, then Lordship would be negated from both of them, because one who is unable is not fit to be a Lord.

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لو أثبتنا للعالم خالقين

قال الله تعالى:

{ ما اتخذ الله من ولد وما كان معه من إله إذاَ لذهب كل إله بما خلق ولعلا بعضهم على بعض }[المؤمنون: 91]

إذ لو أثبتنا للعالم خالقين؛ لكان كل خالق يريد أن ينفرد بما خلق ويستقل به كعادة الملوك؛ إذا لا يرضى أن يشاركه أحد، وإذا استقل به؛ فإنه يريد أيضاً أمراً آخر، وهو أن يكون السلطان له لا يشاركه فيه أحد. وحينئذ إذا أرادا السلطان؛ فإما أن يعجز كل واحد منهما عن الآخر، أو يسيطر أحدهما على الآخر؛

فإن سيطر أحدهما على الآخر ثبتت الربوبية له.

وإن عجز كل منهما عن الآخر زالت الربوبية منهما جميعاً؛ لأن العاجز لا يصلح أن يكون ربّاً.

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