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Books the Scholars Warned Against

Books the Scholars Warned Against

[Translators note: The following article will gradually be updated summarizing parts of the book of Shaykh Mashoor (see reference for more details on the book.) In order to maximize the benefit, this article will be extremely summarized mentioning only the names of the books followed by whom from amongst the scholars warned against them or their authors, and stating a few examples of the contradictions in these books when possible. The order of the book will not be followed by this article. For those seeking more information about the books mentioned, please refer to the original work by the Shaykh which can be downloaded as a two part PDF file from the reference section.]


Firstly: Books by Contemporary Authors:


The books of ‘Abdullaah al Habashee and his Fatawaa.

The Fatawaa and books of this person; ‘’Abdullaah al Habashee al Harawee’ have been propagated in some Islaamic countries. His followers are called ‘Al Ahbaash’ or ‘al Harawiyoon’ an ascription to their Shaykh. He has strange ideas and false opinions which he has placed in a number of his books. It is befitting to warn against such books so that the student of knowledge my be wary of them, they are:

  • 159. Al Daleel al Qaweem ‘ala as Siraat al Mustaqeem – The Upright Evidence to the Upright Path.

  • 160. Sareeh al Bayaan – The Honest Clarification.

  • 161. Baghyat at Taalib – The Seeker’s Desire.

  • 162. Al Maqaalaat as Sunniyyah fee Kashf Dalaalaat Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah – The Sunni statements in exposing the Misguidance of Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah.

  • 163. Idhhaar al ‘Aqeedah as Sunniyyah bi Sharh at Tahaawiyyah – Illustrating the Sunni ‘Aqeedah in Explaining at Tahaweeyah.

  • Amongst other books, he is a pure Ash’aree, Matureedee, he delves extensively into Takfeer in a strange manner. Some of the noble scholars informed me that his followers declare those who sell Ka’ak (home made cookies) by saying ‘Ya Kareem’ as disbelievers. I extend to you, my brother the reader, examples of the Fataawaa of ‘Abudullaah al Habashee:

  • It is not an obligation to give Zakaat on paper based wealth – i.e. Dollars, Pounds, Riyals…

  • Declaring the noble scholars to be disbelievers, filthy and ignorant. He says about al Imaam adh Dhahabee; ‘If it is said that he is filthy, then this is correct.’…He said about al Albaanee; ‘This person, if he were to die as a Muslim…’ They declare Shaykhul Islaam ibn Taymiyyah and his student ibnul Qayyim and Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahhaab to be disbelivers…

  • What is more dangerous than all of this is that he has opinions that contradict the fundamentals of the pure Salafee creed. He denies the Ascension over the Throne, he practices Ta-weel of a lot of Allaah’s Attributes…

  • [The Shaykh mentions more errors and quotes ‘Abdullaah al Habashee from his own books.]

    The danger of these Fataawaa do not stop here, rather they are being propagated, and institutions supporting them that propagate magazines and pamphlets have been erected in more than one country, rather in some countries, such as Beirut, they have their own radio station that propagates this poison amongst the Muslims…

    You will know, my brother the reader, the value of this warning when you come to know that this group has erected themselves as the defenders of Tawheed…

    [The Shaykh concludes by quoting the Fataawaa of the Scholars concerning this group and its leader; he quotes the Fatwaa of al ‘Allaamah ‘Abdul ‘Azeez ibn Baaz, al ‘Allaamah al Albaanee, and mentions the books and articles that have been written in refutation of this group by various authors.]

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