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Al Imaam Ahmad and his Children

‘Abdullaah ibn al Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal stated: “My father taught me the whole Qur-aan verbally with his own will [i.e. he memorized the the whole Qur-aan from his father].”

Abu Bakr al Marwazee stated: “I entered the home of Abu ‘Abdullaah [Al Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal] and saw a woman brushing his daughter’s hair, I said to her: Did you join her hair with Qaraamil? She responded: “The girl would not allow me, she said that her father doesn’t allow it and that it would upset him.”

Look, may Allaah preserve you, at the effect of the father’s upbringing on this young child. The effect of her father’s teaching on her is of no surprise, for her father is al Imaam Ahmad may Allaah have mercy on him.

Al Maawirdee stated: “A wise man said: Hasten to discipline your children before you become busy and your thoughts are scattered.

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الإمام أحمد و أبنائه

قال عبد الله بن الإمام أجمد بن حنبل: لقننى أبي أحمد بن حنبل القران كله باختياره

وقال أبو بكر المروزي: دخلت على أبي عبد الله، فرأيت امرأة تمشط صبية له، فقلت للمشاسطة بعد: وصلت رأسها بقرامل؟ فقالت: لم تتركني الصبية، قالت: إن أبي نهاني، و قالت يغضب.

فانظر رعاك الله كيف أتر تعليم الأب قي هذه الصغيرة! و لا غرابة في تأثيرها بتعليم أبيها لها، فأبوها هو الإمام أحمد رحمه الله تعالى

قال الماوردي: وقال بعض الحكماء: بادروا بتأديب الأطفال قبل تراكم الأشغال، وتفرق البال

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