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10 Benefits I Gained from Damascus

Abdur Rahmaan ibn Abee Haatim ar Raazee stated:

“I arrived at Damascus and came across the students of Hadeeth. I passed by the circle of Qaasim al Joo’ee, I saw a group of people sitting around him while he was speaking, I loved the sight of them. I heard him saying:

“Gain five Characteristics from the people of your time:

  • if you are present in a gathering – you are not known,
  • if you are absent – you are not missed,
  • if you are present – you are not asked for counsel,
  • if you speak – your words are not accepted,
  • and if you do something – you are not rewarded for it.
  • I also advise you with five:

  • if you are oppressed – do not be oppressive,
  • if you are praised – do not be pleased,
  • if you are criticized – do not be sad,
  • if you are belied – do not get upset,
  • if people betray you – do not betray them.”
  • Abu Haatim stated: “So I made this the benefit that I gained from Damascus.”

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    هذا فائدتي من دمشق

    قال سمعت عبد الرحمن بن أبي حاتم الرازي يقول دخلت دمشق على كتبة الحديث فمررت بحلقة قاسم الجوعي فرأيت نفرا جلسوا حوله وهو يتكلم عليهم فهالني منظرهم فسمعته يقول

    اغتنموا من أهل زمانكم خمسا منها

    إن حضرتم لم تعرفوا

    وإن غبتم لم تفتقدوا

    وإن شهدتم لم تشاوروا

    وإن قلتم شيئا لم يقبل قولكم

    وإن عملتم شيئا لم تعطوا به

    وأوصيكم بخمس أيضا

    وإن ظلمتم لم تظلموا

    وإن مدحتم لم تفرحوا

    وإن ذممتم لم تجزعوا

    وإن كذبتم فلا تغضبوا

    وإن خانوكم فلا تخونوا

    قال فجعلت هذا فائدتي من دمشق

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