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Still Defending Jama'at at Tableegh?

Shirk with Jamaa’at at Tableegh

In the picture above are some Ayaat from the Qur-aan mixed with some other words and the names of Shayateen (blured). Below it are formulas for Sihr (magic). The severity of what we see above is not in need of further elaboration. Just the sight of it is sufficient to send chills down the spines of the people of Tawheed.

They use it to safeguard themselves from disease or illness wa laa Hawla wa la Quwata ila bil Laah. This is only some of what they have wrapped around their arms or around their necks.

Darul Uloom Arabiyyah Islamiyyah Bharuch (Guj. India) till this day sends the senior Du’aat of Jama’at at Tableegh (after graduation) to Europe, America and Canada. It is an offshoot of Darul Uloom, which also has other branches such as Dar Madhahir al Uloom from which graduated Muhammad Ilyaas al Kandahlawee, the founder of Jamaa’at at Tableegh. If this is the type of material that is published by the institutions in which the Du’aat of Jamaa’at at Tableegh are instructed, what are you expecting form them.

Picture courtesy of ‘Abdullaah ibn Zayd al Khaalidee, more on this topic here .

Below are pictures of the grave of Muhammad Ilyaas (the founder of Jamaa’at at Tableegh) in Masjid Nidhaam in India. Note that those amongst the Jamaa’ah who know the ruling of having graves in Masaajid deny its existence.

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