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Eight things I learnt from Shaqeeq

It was narrated that Shaqeeq [ibn Ibraheem] al-Balkhee said to Haatim [al-Assam- his student]:

You have accompanied me for a long period of time, so what have you learnt?

Haatim replied:

Eight things:

The first: I looked at the creation and found that every person has something that is beloved to him, but when that person reaches his grave, he would depart from his beloved. So I made the most beloved thing to me my righteous deeds, so that they may be with me in my grave.

The second: I looked at the saying of Allaah the Elevated:

{… and restrained himself from impure evil desires and lusts. } [An Naazi’aat: 40]
So I strove against my self, repelling desires and lusts from it until it settled upon obedience to Allaah.

The Third: I saw that whoever possessed something valuable would keep it in a safe and secure place, I then looked at the saying of Allaah the Glorified:

{ Whatever is with you will come to an end, and whatever is with Allaah will remain.} [An Nahl: 96]
So whenever something of value came into my possession, I gave it in His cause, so that it may remain for me with Him.

The Fourth: I saw that people return to wealth, lineage and nobility, and they are all worthless, so I looked at the saying of Allaah the Glorified:

{Indeed the most honourable of you with Allaah are those who have Taqwaa } [Al Hujuraat: 13]
So I worked on attaining Taqwaa so that I may be honorable with Allaah.

The Fifth: I saw that people envy each other, so I looked at the saying of the Elevated:

{ It is We Who portion out their livelihood between them } [Az Zukhruf: 32]
So I forsook envy and jealousy.

The Sixth: I saw them taking each other as enemies, so I looked at the saying of the Glorified:

{ Surely, Shaytaan (Satan) is an enemy to you, so take (treat) him as an enemy } [Faatir: 6]
So I left their enmity and took Shaytaan as my only enemy.

The Seventh: I saw that they humiliate themselves in pursuing provision, so I looked at the saying of Allaah the Glorified:

{ And no moving (living) creature is there on earth except that its provision is due from Allaah. } [Hood: 6]
So I concentrated on what was due to Him from me, and left what was due to me to Him.

The Eighth: I saw them dependent upon their trades, professions and health, so I depended upon Allaah the Glorified.

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تعلمت ثمانية مسائل من شقيق

كما روى عن شقيق البلخى انه قال لحاتم: قد صحبتني مدة، فماذا تعلمت؟ قال: ثمان مسائل.

أما الأولى: فإني نظرت إلى الخلق،فإذا كل شخص له محبوب، فاذا وصل الى القبر فارقه محبوبه، فجعلت محبوبي حسناتى لتكون معى في القبر.

وأما الثانية: فإني نظرت إلى قول الله تعالى

ونهى النفس عن الهوى - النازعات 40
فأجهدتها في دفع الهوى حتى استقرت على طاعة الله تعالى.

وأما الثالثة: فإني رأيت كل من معه شئ له قيمة عنده يحفظه، ثم نظرت في قوله سبحانه وتعالى

ما عندكم ينفد وما عند الله باق - النحل 96
فكلما وقع معى شئ له قيمة. وجهته اليه ليبقى لى عنده.

وأما الرابعة: فاني رأيت الناس يرجعون الى المال والحسب والشرف، وليست بشئ. فنظرت الى قوله تعالى

إن أكرمكم عند الله اتقاكم - الحجرات 13
فعملت في التقوى لاكون عنده كريماً.

و أما الخامسة: فإني رأيت الناس يتحاسدون، فنظرت في قوله تعالى

نَحْنُ قَسَمْنَا بَيْنَهُمْ مَعِيشَتَهُمْ - الزخرف 32
فتركت الحسد.

السادسة: رأيتهم يتعادون فنظرت في قوله تعالى

إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ فَاتَّخِذُوهُ عَدُوًّا - فاطر 6
فتركت عداوتهم واتخذت الشيطان وحده عدوا.

السابعة: رأيتهم يذلون أنفسهم في طلب الرزق، فنظرت في قوله تعالى

وَمَا مِنْ دَابَّةٍ فِي الْأَرْضِ إِلَّا عَلَى اللَّهِ رِزْقُهَا هود 6
فاشتغلت بما له علي و تركت ما لي له.

الثامنة: رايتهم متوكلون على تجارتهم و صنائعهم و صحة أبدانهم، فتوكلت على الله تعالى.

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