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Is This I’tikāf?




Her saying (May Allāh be pleased with her) ‘Yujāwir’: make I’tikāf, ‘Yujāwir’ in the last ten nights: make I'tikāf.

I’tikāf has tremendous and lofty objectives. 

From it is seizing Laylat al Qadr however, making I’tikāf in its correct meaning. Making I’tikāf, by remembering Allāh, being grateful to Allāh devoted to the recitation of the Qurān, in du'ā, distant from amusement.

The calamity of these times is that entertainment enters amongst the people even in I’tikāf. 

Some of the people claim they are making I’tikāf but turn on their smart phones and go into these entertainment applications and they’re looking here and there and they go into heedlessness and loss. 

Is this I’tikāf?

In summary, al-I’tikāf is the gathering of the heart upon the obedience of Allāh (ﷻ) and upon his remembrance and being distant from all distractions and entertainment. 

This is I’tikāf. 

I’tikāf has changed into entertainment gatherings, to the point that some of the people perform from what they call acts of those that perform I’tikāf with loud voices, joking and laughing and things of this nature.

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