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Those Notorious for Deen

Those who are well versed with what Allah sent His Messenger - ﷺ - with, and what he and his companions were upon, know that the majority of those who are known to be people of Deen (religion) are the least of people in Deen[1], and from Allah we seek assistance.

And what type of Deen and what type of good is in a person who witnesses the prohibitions of Allah being violated, His boundaries lost, His religion forsaken, and the Sunnah of His Prophet ﷺ turned away from, while his heart remains cold and his tongue remains silent; a mute Shaytan, just as one who calls to falsehood is a vocal Shaytan.

Is there a calamity in the Deen except that it comes from those, whom if given their means of sustenance and status of leadership, no longer care about what happens to the Deen?

The best of them are those who outwardly portray sorrow and smile. But if they are challenged with deficiency in some of their wealth or status, they exert all efforts, become serious and apply themselves using all three levels of forbidding Munkar according to their utmost ability. 

These people, though they have sunk in the Sight of Allah and are abhorred by him, they have been tested with the greatest calamity in the Dunya while they are heedless; and it is the death of the heart. For indeed, the more life a heart has in it, the greater its anger would be for Allah and his Messenger, and likewise, its support for the Deen more complete.



^1 Alternate: the majority of those who are notorious for piety are the least of people in piety.

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من يشار إليهم بالدين

ومن له خبرة بما بعث الله به رسوله صلى الله عليه وسلم - وبما كان عليه هو وأصحابه رأى أن أكثر من يشار إليهم بالدين هم أقل الناس دينا والله المستعان وأي دين وأي خير فيمن يرى محارم الله تنتهك وحدوده تضاع ودينه يترك وسنة رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم- يرغب عنها وهو بارد القلب ساكت اللسان شيطان أخرس كما أن المتكلم بالباطل شيطان ناطق 

وهل بلية الدين إلا من هؤلاء الذين إذا سلمت لهم مآكلهم ورياساتهم فلا مبالاة بما جرى على الدين وخيارهم المتحزن المتلمظ ولو نوزع في بعض ما فيه غضاضة عليه في جاهه أو ماله بذل وتبذل وجد واجتهد واستعمل مراتب الإنكار الثلاثة بحسب وسعه 

وهؤلاء مع سقوطهم من عين الله ومقت الله لهم قد بلوا في الدنيا بأعظم بلية تكون وهم لا يشعرون وهو موت القلوب فإن القلب كلما كانت حياته أتم كان غضبه لله ورسوله أقوى وانتصاره للدين أكمل

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