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Periods it is Disliked to Recite Quran

know that reciting the Quran is beloved and recommended at all times, with some exceptions where the legislation has restricted it. I will mention what comes to mind at this time regarding this in a summarized manner, while omitting the evidences as they are well known.

  1. It is disliked to recite the Quran while in a state of Rukoo’ Sujood, Tashahud or other states during the Salat, with the exeption of Qiyam (the standing state in prayer).

  2. It is disliked to recite something in addition to the Fatihah for one who is being led in a vocal prayer (such as Fajr, Maghrib and ‘Isha) if the recital of the Imaam can be heard.

  3. It is disliked while using the bathroom.

  4. [It is disliked] when feeling sleepy.

  5. And likewise when it is too difficult for someone to read.

  6. It is also disliked [to recite the Quran] during the Friday khutbah for those who can hear it. However, it is not disliked for those who cannot hear the Khutbah, rather it is recommended in this case, this is the selected and correct opinion. Tawoos held that it was impermissible unrestrictedly, and Ibraheem permitted it (unrestrictedly), so it is permissible to combine their two opinions as we have just done, and as our scholars have stated.

It is not prohibited to read the Quran during Tawaf, and this is our Madhab [opinion], and the opinion of the majority of the scholars as well. Ibn al-Mudhir transmitted this opinion on the authority of ‘Atta, Mujahid, ibn Mubarak, Abu Thawr and the people of ar-Ray. It has also been transmitted that al-Hasan al-Basri, ‘Urwah ibn az-Zubayr and Maalik disliked it during Tawaf, but the correct opinion is the first.

The differing regarding reciting the Quran in bathrooms, streets/pathways, and by a person who has impurities in his mouth has preceded.

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الأحوال التي يكره فيها قراءة القرآن

اعلم أن قراءة القرآن على الإطلاق إلا في أحوال مخصوصة جاء الشرع بالنهي عن القراءة فيها وأنا أذكرالآن ما حضرني منها مختصرة بحذف الأدلة فإهنا مشهورة :

  1. فتكره القراءة في حالة الركوع والسجود والتشهد وغيرها من أحوال الصلاة
    سوى القيام

  2. وتكره القراءة بمازادعلى الفاتحة للمأموم في الصلاة الجهرية إذا سمع
    قراءة الإمام

  3. وتكره حالة القعودعلى الخلاء

  4. وفي حالة النعاس

  5. وكذا إذا استعجم عليه القرآن

  6. وكذا في حالة الخطبة لمن يسمعها ولا تكره لمن لم يسمعها بل تستحب هذا
    هو المختار الصحيح وجاءعن طاوس كراهيتها وعن إبراهيم عدم الكراهة فيجوز
    أن يجمع بين كلاميهمابما قلنا كما ذكره أصحابنا

ولا تكره القراءة في الطواف هذا مذهبنا وبه قال أكثرالعلماء وحكاه ابن المنذرعن عطاء ومجاهد وابن المبارك وأبي ثور وأصحاب الرأيوحكي عن الحسن البصري وعروة بن الزبير ومالك كراهتها في الطواف والصحيح الأول

وقد تقدم بيان الاختلاف في القراءة في الحمام وفي الطريق وفيمن فمه نجس

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